About us

We develop Marketing and Communication projects on behalf of companies and organizations that desire to be singled out form the background noise.
We have developed through the years solid connections with professional networks in various fields.
Our tools are: editorials, events, audio-visuals, the web.

The “creative” marketing activity began in 1983 as an editor, in collaboration and on behalf of organizing companies and sponsors of events, with the patronage of the Italian Institutions and important international agencies.

We have produced short films on behalf of companies and industrial associations, aiming at their international clients.

We have contributed to the activities of the Directive Council of the Association Italcongressi and we have published their Newsletters, spreading the culture related to the tourist-congress field.

From 1997 we have created the first marketing strategies in favour of professional digital printing, involving the network of professional printers of print on demand, in direct marketing and in one-to-one marketing, promoting the activity among company clients – marketing managers and creativity agencies.

We have been the protagonists of the commercial launching of the Italian television satellite reception, in collaboration with the most important European protagonists in this field: technology producers, broadcasters and satellite operators, for which we have planned the promotion activities within the network of installers, dealers and among the apartment administrators throughout Italy.
In 2001 we founded and managed and then collaborated with the most important purchasing groups in the Office Supply field, in collaboration with the international networks and associations.

We have created the trade-mark BY INNOVATION which develops the culture of manager performances put into the service of competitive innovation, which develops four courses of action: the bilingual magazine Italian/English BY INNOVATION, the events BY INNOVATION DAY, the web-site, the Press Office.